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Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock and Ship's Bell Barometer

Chelsea's Ship's Bell Clocks and Barometers are the worlds finest clocks and barometers, setting the standard for over 100 years. Flawless forged brass case made in USA. The hand made mechanical wind-up clock movement strikes the ship's bells each hour and half hour, using a leather tip hammer striking a coil gong. The accuracy of the Chelsea Ships Bell Clock is regulated by a fine quality jeweled escapement. Five year warranty.

The Chelsea Ship's Bell Barometer uses a high precision double bellows aneroid barometric pressure mechanism. The Ship's Bell Barometer matches the Ship's Bell Clock in Design.

Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock Instructions


Your ship's bell clock leaves the factory thoroughly tested and fully wound. First, remove the black tube from the winding arbor. (Save and replace tube when you are shipping the clock or away for a long period of time.) Next, move the minute hand clockwise to the correct time, stopping at the hour and half hour to allow the bells to strike their full count. The hour hand should not be touched during this operation.

The correct striking count may not develop at the first point when moving the hands forward to the correct setting time, this is normal, but will self correct at the next full hour count. DO NOT force the hands when setting the time. Should they lock at any point, simply move the minute hand backwards through one striking position and then forward to the correct time ensuring to stop at the hour and half-hour to allow the bells to strike the full count.

On the SHIP'S BELL clock, a "warn" occurs at 20 minutes past the hour and 10 minutes before the hour. This means that for 10 minutes prior to each striking point, the gears and levers of the striking mechanism fall into correct position. Thus it is advisable that whenever the striking clock is to be reset, the minute hand ONLY should be slowly rotated forward (clockwise) to the next striking point and then the clock allowed to strike its full count. Adjustments should never be made during a strike zone, only from 5 to 15 minutes past the hour or 25 to 15 minutes before the hour.


Wind your ship's bell clock fully once each week at approximately the same time, on the same day. The left hand winding arbor is for the strike-side mainspring and the right hand winding arbor is for the time-side mainspring. Be sure to wind both fully starting with the left side. VERY IMPORTANT - If the clock has run down, it must be wound FIRST before setting the hands. If the minute hand is locked, this is an indication that the levers are jammed. To release, simply wind the clock fully on both sides and then move the minute hand backwards 1 hour or more. Then reset the time allowing the clock to strike at the hour and the half hour.


The micrometer regulator consists of a small moveable wheel that sits in a slot in the face of the clock. Rotate the wheel toward F (right) if the clock is losing time and S (left) if it is gaining time. All adjustments should be made after winding the clock fully and observing it for one week before further regulating. By rotating the wheel one notch it will change the rate approximately 4 seconds in 24 hours.


The clear resonant tone of Chelsea Ship's Bell clocks is obtained by means of a controlled strike hammer dropping onto a coiled steel gong. The clock must be in its natural upright position (12 o'clock up) to have it strike properly. Should the striking tone be "deadened" or "flat" - or if no gong tone is heard when the strike mechanism is operating, an easy adjustment can usually be made. The flat tone is caused by the hammer head resting on or too close to the gong coil. This fault is corrected by merely bending the hammer wire up a little - just enough to have its head not touch the gong coil when the hammer is in its rest position.

Ship's Bell clocks have an opening in the back through which the hammer wire can be reached for adjustments. Proceed as follows:

1. At some hour point when the clock has finished striking an EVEN number of bells, remove the back cover plate by unscrewing the three screws.
2. Lift and drop the hammer wire with your finger so you can hear and see how the resonance of the gong tone is muted by the hammer's leather tip resting on the gong.
3. To adjust the hammer, hold the hammer wire while it is in the rest position with one hand. Do not press down on the wire. With a pair of needle nose pliers or any rigid object, lift and bend the hammer end of the wire upward just enough to clear the gong coil while in the resting position. Then repeat step 2 to determine if the gong tone has been corrected.

If, after following these instructions, the striking does not occur at the hour and half hour markings on the dial, then the clock must be sent back to the factory for correction.


The Ship's Bell clocks have a stop strike feature that allows you to silence the bells. A small pin projecting through the clock dial at the 8 o'clock position can be moved to the end opposite of the bell picture to turn the bells off. Striking will be resumed when the pin is returned to the bell side. DO NOT shut off the strike while the clock is striking. Be sure to fully engage the switch, whether strike or silent, to prevent the clock from jamming.


Never take any movement from its case or attempt home repairs or cleaning and oiling of the mechanism. All new Chelsea Ship's Bell Clocks carry a warranty against defects in material or workmanship for 5 years from the day of purchase - unless obviously damaged by accident or tampered with which will void the warranty.

Under average conditions, periodic cleaning, oiling and adjusting is needed approximately every 6 - 8 years. Abnormal conditions such as extreme heat, cold, dust and idleness may adversely affect the oil and necessitate the need for more frequent servicing.

Whenever signs of trouble concerning efficient operation occur, your Chelsea deserves the finest care. We recommend you return it to Chelsea Clock. Contact us at: 617-884-0250, and follow the prompts. Discuss the problem, and get expert advise from factory trained personnel with complete knowledge of and experience with Chelsea movements. Clocks returned to the factory that are out the warranty period will be warranted against defects in workmanship for two full years from the date of service.

Unit returned for service should always be very carefully double boxed in a container sufficiently large and strong enough to prevent chance of any further damage to the mechanism. You may also want to insure your clock against acccidental mishandling while in transit.

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