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Chelea Clock Information:

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Chelsea Shipstrike Clocks and Barometers

Chelsea Shipstrike Clocks and Barometers are a lower cost, yet high quality alternative to the Ship's Bell models.

Chelsea Shipstrike Clocks use the same solid forged brass cases found in the Ship's Bell models. The difference is in the movement. The Chelsea Shipstrike Clock contains a fine German windup mechanical movement which strikes the ship's bells each hour and half hour. These movements are "retro fitted" by Chelsea prior to use. The striking mechanism is a coil gong mounted inside the back of the case.

The Shipstrike barometer uses a precision single bellows aneroid barometric pressure mechanism.

Chelsea Shipstrike Clock Instructions (mechanical/wind up):


The Chelsea Shipstrike striking mechanism has been secured to protect proper adjustment during shipment. To make it operative, remove the orange label from the backside of the clock by holding the plastic thread and slowly peeling the orange sticker off. Then pull one end of the thread through and discard. (If your clock has been monted on a display base from the factory, the orange stick has already been removed.)

To Start your Shipstrike Clock:

Your clock leaves our factory fully wound. Remove the black tube from the winding arbor. (Save and replace the tube when you are shipping the clock or are away for long periods of time.) Although the full cycle is 8 days, it is recommended that you rewind your clock weekly (every 7 days), on approximately the same day, at the same time.

Setting the Shipstrike Clock:

Your shipstrike clock should only be set going clockwise. To set the time, remove or open the front bezel and manually move the minute hand to the correct tiem ensuring that you stop at the hour (12:00) and half hour (6:00) and let the bells chime out completely. The hour hand should not be touched during the setting operation. Once the clock has been set it will automatically start to run. Regulation and Timing Adjustment:

Each Shipstrike clock is factory regulated to provide high accuracy in timekeeping. If, due to influences in shipment, regulation is felt necessary, the following precautions should be taken. Regulator tab is on the dial near the one o'clock position.

1. Run clock for one week to stabilize timekeeping before attemping regulation.
2. Adjust the regulation only a small amount at one time.
3. To make clock run faster, move regulator slightly toward F. To make clock run slower, move regulator slightly toward S.

Bell Silencer (stop strike):

The striking mechanism may be shut off by moving the tab near the eleven o'clock position away from the bell symbol. DO NOT shut off the strike while the clock is striking.

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