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nautical storm glass

A Storm Glass was used first in the 1750s to predict weather changes. The instrument was used by seamen, who mounted it on the mast of their ship. It was meant to be a storm warning instrument. Our observations tell us that the changes in the crystalline structure is triggered by changes in temperature and electrostatic charges. It is a pity that the changes in the crystals are too small indoors to use the instrument as a reliable forecaster. Still it is a mysterious and beautiful instrument that adds historic value.

This reproduction consists of hand blown hermetically sealed glass cylinder filled with camphor, alcohol and water. Changes in the weather caused changes in the crystals. When the weather was fine, the crystals settled at the bottom. When the weather was foul, the crystals rose to the top. The famed Admiral Fitzroy devised a set of rules for predicting weather based on the appearance of the crystals, which are printed on the mounting below the glass.

The instrument measures 12 inches high by 5 inches wide. The back is enclosed with a recessed hanger for easy flat hanging. The frame is dark oak colored. Individually boxed.

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Nautical Storm Glass

Nautical Storm Glass
Nautical Storm Glass
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